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Secret Santa That Isn’t Secret Anymore: Parents

At some point in our lives, we have heard or actually realised the fact “Khwahisho ka koi ant nahi“ (there is no end to wishes). Every time I have some spare cash in hand, I can instantly make a list of 100 worldly possessions I can use it to buy. The same is applicable when you are praying. From the eyes of a semi-atheist, it looks like a complete transactional relationship. You buy something for the god, in lieu of some monetary (mainly) benefit.

It all started when. . .

The idea of this post came from a childhood event. Every Christmas I demanded some odd toys, stationary items I would never use, as a gift from my parents. And each year, on the night before Christmas, we would write a letter to Santa Claus and put it in a red cap (has to be red. Duh!). The next morning, letters would be gone and for some reason Santa had given us the exact gifts that we sought. Amazing right? This went on for a few years until. .

Until, I found all those letters in my father’s wardrobe. Strangely, I wasn’t taken aback. It rather made me think that my parents have been a Santa Claus for me all my life. That pious gesture of not breaking my bubble and living with my fantasy was so genuine in its nature that till date I feel bad for seeking some random crap on Christmas.

So this year around, I made a list of 3 things that I would want from Santa Claus. My parents have overdone their duty already so I am talking to the real Santa here. And believe you me, I have been a good boy. Always have been. But this year, I made sure that I wear mask before leaving home, I practiced social distancing and of course sanitized my hands. So may I?

1. Euphoria

Every morning, I wake up at 6 AM, write a blog, do some reading, brisk walking and get to work by 9AM. I am full of energy till 7PM. Post that, I am equally excited to binge on Netflix over the dinner with my spouse.

No matter how normal it may seem, I am really excited to get up every morning and follow this routine. At times, I don’t even need an alarm. I wish this feeling stays with me forever. It’s addictive. It’s productive and its fun. I can see the smallest of gratifications cheering me up. A single like on my blog post would be enough to boost my confidence. A single appreciation mail from my boss would do the job. When I run through the events of entire day before I sleep, it makes me believe that I have done justice to myself.

And for all we know, this habit also can be credited to my parents DNA. I have never seen my father sleep beyond 5 AM in his life. So, if there is any real Santa, he can probably help me maintain this routine at least.

2. Financial Literacy

I recently read a quote on twitter and it has been stuck in my head forever since. Conventionally, I would have asked for a lot of money from Santa in this demand. However, this time, I would just want the art of managing money.

Financial Literacy is not a side effect of money, rather money is the side effect of financial literacy.

And probably that is the reason why most lottery winners blow up all the money and fall back to square one. I am off to a good start and really want to learn more about personal finance and money managing. It is so far the toughest subject I have come across and unfortunately, it isn’t optional either.

How to save money

3. Good Health

Those who know me, would probably be rubbing their eyes in disbelief right now. But I finally have come in terms with the fact that health impacts you. A Lot! As I grow older and become more aware of myself and surroundings, the impact is pretty evident. I can feel the difference in my productivity as a function of food and physical exercise I have taken in the past few days.

If Money is gone, nothing is gone!

If Character is gone, something is gone!

If Health is gone, everything is gone!


There is a time in every child’s life where he acts like a rebel. He thinks that no one understands him. Everyone knows about this time, has gone through it and acknowledges it. But I think there another phase where you start relating to your parents and their actions. May be the ways in which they explained stuff to us were questionable (insert chappal here) but they were never wrong per se. This Christmas, as I plan to become whatever I have mentioned above, I would really want to thank my parents for all they have done. I would want to believe that real Santa is nothing but the thoughts and prayers of our parents converted to some real goodwill for us. What do you have in mind this Christmas? Let me know in the comment section below or on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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