Raghav Dudeja

PS: This is not real me. I will often be found in boxers and a rugged Tee.

The Real Panda Behind PandaTechie

Saying that I am enthusiastic about tech would be an understatement. I have literally debated on such topics for hours and have often been declared as winner, just to maintain the sanity of the environment. My core areas of interest are Blockchain and Generative AI/ What started of as a hobby, has now turned into a full blown mission to share and finally give back to the internet.

A Little More About Me!

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
printf (“Hello World!”);
return 0;

In the middle of 2010, I started my journey as an engineer in Computer Science and Technology. Little I knew that one fine day, I would fall in love with this world. I pursued MBA soon after (one of those kids who took an integrated 5 year course)

While figuring out the what I wanted to do for a living, I needed up finding my love for writing. I have been actively writing as a freelancer for different brands in web3 space like Nas Academy, Mudrex, Superteam, CoinDCX etc.

On the professional front, I work as a Blockchain and AI Consultant at RPG group. Makes sense right? A B.Tech+MBA professional turning into techno-manager, what else could you expect? Well, this has been a tipsy-topsy journey before I ended up in this job.

On a lighter note, my meme game is super strong. I have been a veteran user of 9gag for about 18 years now. I see a great potential in memes as an efficient marketing tool. If you relate to this, come, let’s strike a conversation!

Share memes and not propagandas.


What is pandatechie?

Well, there are two kinds of people. One who want to be the first adopters of everything, two who are skeptical and need a push! Yes you guessed it right! I am the former kind.

Anything that is touched by technology excites me up immediately. Have you ever been stuck in some laborious task and ask yourself, isn’t there a better way to do this? So, pandatechie looks for such opportunities and hence the aforementioned better ways.

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