I’m glad that you are interested to get in touch with me. For this conversation to be fruitful, I would urge you to review the following. It will take less than 2 minutes. Promise!

  • Do you have a concrete agenda behind this meeting? I am up for open eneded conversations but at least give me a general direction.
  • If you plan to engage with me for work, have you gone through my past work?
  • Most importantly, are you ready to have fun?

Why Pandatechie?

I try to approach the blogosphere differently. Rather than just focusing on the organic traffic through Google, we also aim to build a community of regular readers. 40% of my readers visit the blog regularly, post after post. Please refer to the infographic below for numbers on first 100 days of the blog.

What Pandatechie is for?

Pandatechie can be really helpful if:

  • You want your application/service to be featured on the blog.
  • You want a Pro Bono consulting session on cryptocurrency, technology and finance.

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