Solgames: Web2 to Web3 Transition made easy for Gamers, Game Devs and Designers

Remember how I developed this thesis on the evolution of gaming industry? If you don’t, here is how I see this space as a non-gamer. But then, there was this roadblock in the story.

You see, its fun to earn while you play games. But that doesn’t replace for the kick you get out of it. An average gamer is looking for that adrenaline rush, that escape while he is at his best. But if you think that simply by paying them to try your game is going to cut for it, I am sorry.

What I am trying to say is that games need to be fun first and monetarily rewarding later.

Which is why, today, I have found something called Solgames that aims to work on this paradigm.

Below is a guest post by the Solgame team. Read on.

Non-fungible token (NFT) crypto collectables like artwork and videos exploded in popularity in early 2021, but several blockchain-based video games had already been built in the space before most people took notice. One recent addition to the game-fi ecosystem is

  • Solgames is a multiplayer NFT based gaming marketplace where developers build, gamers play and both earn.
  • One-of-it’s kind web3 protocol that enables NFT based login.
  • Received an honorary mention in Solana India Hackathon, 2021 for NFT Play-to-earn category.
  • Offers seamless single-click game development for game developers.

Solgames is truly inspired by the core philosophy of web3 and is trying to build a fully decentralised infrastructure for gamers and game developers where both parties are granted complete rights and ownership of their actions, be it winning & trading rewards in the form of NFTs for gamers or launching a game in a single click for game developers, every step of the experience is democratised.

Solgames aims to build an ecosystem for the gaming community to interact with each other seamless and take credit where it is due, unlike the traditional gaming industry that centralises control over various important aspects like operability, revenues, engagement & features.

What is Solgames?

Solgames is a gaming marketplace built on the Solana blockchain that enables game developers to launch their games and earn rewards whenever a user wishes to play their games and purchase various assets(NFT rewards, SolG token) in the game, also whenever the gamer wishes to trade those assets in the Solgames marketplace, the game developer makes a commission for perpetuity.

The timing of Solgames is apt and how. Explained above.

Developers also get a personalised dashboard to showcase their game development portfolio. You could call it the GitHub for game developers, helping them project their proof of work and contributions to the gaming ecosystem all in one place and what better when you also get rewarded for doing so!

Similarly, gamers can earn rewards in the form of NFTs and SolG tokens during their gameplay which they can use to trade in the Solgames marketplace or trade them at NFT marketplaces like opensea or various DEXes.

Sneak peek into

How does it work?

Basically, one needs to purchase Solgames NFTs to access games hosted on the platform making it a one-of-its-kind login mechanism. Once the user logs in they can explore various games and depending on the NFT type they purchased, they get access to a specific set of games or games. Solgames also hopes to add a multiplayer feature in the future.

And for game developers to launch their game on the platform, it’s as simple as linking their GitHub codebase to our platform and our securely built APIs do the rest in enabling a seamless integration onto the platform. It’s neat and lean with no extra hasslesome steps in the process.

What problem is it solving?

In the traditional world of gaming, the process of developing a game itself is such an excruciating and creatively daunting process with which come various hassles of finding the right platform, auditing, integrating, launching and promoting.

Even after all this, the revenue share the developers make is razor-thin and unjust, to say the least. We believe the power to leverage a developer’s game development skills and the edge it can gain in the market should only be driven by the quality of the game and the yield of those gains should be reaped only by the developer and not a middleman.

Also comes, the cumbersome know-how around the infrastructure that a developer has to engage with in order to launch their game. Subtracting all these problems and giving the power back to the code to decide its present, past and future is basically what Solgames is trying to achieve.


Solgames aims to bring multiplayer features to many of its games and enable interoperability of the assets won during the gameplay to be utilised across other games and within the game.

Solgames NFTs also come with a renting feature that enables NFT holders to rent their NFTs in the marketplace to interested gamers at much cheaper costs without losing control over them, also helping them make a passive income as they continue to be a part of the Solgames ecosystem.

The multiplayer functionality will soon add a betting feature that enables users to bet their NFTs and SolG tokens on gamers as they stream their games live to the streaming module of the platform which will be open to the public.


Solgames recently raised a pre-seed fund of $100k from April ventures to hire more resources and expedite the product developmental activity and simultaneously build a strong loyal community.

The team is built by a bunch of blockchain enthusiasts who believe in the philosophy of web3 and with one vision, to democratise the gaming ecosystem. 1. Sandeep, a blockchain developer, has a decade of experience in building products at scale 2. Nithin, comes with solid hands-on backend programming skills 3. Bharat, upcoming software engineer at VISA with rich experience & skills in front-end development and blockchain programming, 4. Neeraj, DevOps Engineer with abundant corporate experience 5. Farooq, with 7+ years of entrepreneurial and marketing experience, heads the growth and community division.

How can you contribute?

We are eagerly looking forward to collaborating with folks interested in building products in the Web3 ecosystem & who live, breathe and sleep in it. Solgames is hiring folks across various departments like development, growth, marketing, community & business development. Please write to for collaborations or queries.

A techno manager by profession and a hardcore geek at heart. I love to poke my nose into tasks where other usually gave up on. My hobbies include, reading about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and latest trends in tech industry, playing guitar and yes, memes!

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