EPNS x Nord Finance: What does it mean?

I know, I know. Another EPNS post. But trust me. Just as always, this is totally going to be worth it. There’s a reason I am diving in deeper into this protocol each day. Because I personally feel that it is undervalued. The kind of problem it is solving and the interest from various dApps across the universe is unparalleled.

On that note, here is another project which recently partnered with EPNS to keep its users informed. It is yet another DeFi centred dApp created by an Indian team. If someone from government is reading this, please reconsider taxation so that use-cases like DeFi and NFTs don’t die. We don’t care if you put a blanket ban on trading altogether. We’re in here for tech.

So Nord Finance was founded in Q1FY22. They aim to create an ecosystem of DeFi products that aims to simplify the onboarding of an average joe to web3. Plan is to do this by replicating a lot TradFi elements into DeFi. Let us check out some of the key features of Nord Finance.

Key Features of Nord Finance:

Nord Finance’s ecosystem is packed with multiple features as of now with many more of them on the way. Let’s explore some of the key features so that we can appreciate the plug in of EPNS.

A. Savings:

Well, there isn’t any gimmick involved here. Nord Finance can literally double as your savings account. You can simply deposit your stablecoin to the mix and earn a fixed yield on top of it. Nord Finance says that this yield is highest in the industry (Risk-adjusted).

B. Nord Advisory:

In tradfi, most of us would reach out to an uncle who knows a thing or two about investments. Alternatively, our friends guide us on what to put our money on.

Nord Advisory is an algorithmic web3 version of this uncle. It is a robo-advisory service designed to chalk out profitable and customized strategies for you to hold. This can be tweaked by the bot as per your investment goals.

C. Nord Loans:

Another tradfi trick up their alley. Now you can keep your crypto as a collateral and borrow against it. This is enabled in a completely decentralized manner using smart contracts. The next obvious question is why would someone borrow if they already have the money in some form of digital asset? Well, if you predict the price of your favourite asset jumping up, there’s no point selling low and buying higher.

In such a case it is extremely helpful to borrow stables against your portfolio.

D. Nord Swap:

And there had to be a DEX involved in a DeFi ecosystem. So Nord swap enables decentralized exchange of your crypto assets across different chains to ensure a smooth experience.

How is EPNS helping?

EPNS will open newer routes for Nord Finance to engage with its customers. Users of Nord finance can now check their loan status and new investment opportunities via EPNS. Nord finance will now have an exclusive channel on EPNS for its users to subscribe. You can expect the following type of notifications:

  • New farming opportunities or liquidity pools are available for investors.
  • The loan repayment period approaches
  • On-boarding period for token claiming ends.

This comes with a peace of mind which otherwise would have been replaced by constant re-checking of the protocol.

What Next?

Since EPNS exists as a web protocol and a mobile application, it is extremely easy to catch hold of any important updates that you might miss otherwise.

Speaking of the partnership the team at Nord Finance says, “to say that EPNS has redefined communication in DeFi would be an understatement. It is a platform that is single-handedly bringing the whole of web3 closer together. We’re extremely thrilled to have them on board and we believe that EPNS will help us better communicate with our users and improve their overall experience on the platform.”

What do you think about this collaboration?

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