Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, it could be you if you have not come across the term ‘Metaverse‘ so far. In fact, Google trends shows that the number of searches for the term ‘What is Metaverse‘ and ‘Jobs in Metaverse‘ are on the rise for past six months. This truly reflects the inclination towards learning and earning from this latest narrative of the crypto industry.

Problems with web 3

In our recent blogpost, we discussed how Metaverses hold so much value. And it is not only us who believes this. JP Morgan, one of the world’s largest banks thinks that Metaverse is a trillion dollar yearly opportunity. To put their money where their mouth is, they also opened up a branch in the Metaverse. Now the next obvious question that remains in front of you is how can you jump in to this realm? That is exactly what we intend to discuss today. What are the top resources to learn metaverse. We would also try to shed some light on why you should at all try to learn about Metaverse.

Why Learn Metaverse?

A lot of us enjoy the overall experience of being in a Metaverse, playing around, hanging out with the friends etc. However, one obvious question is that why should you learn about Metaverse at all? Let us understand some reasons behind the same:

A. The Web 2 Parallel:

Back during the internet boom, all the brands that came up with websites (.com), became an instantaneous hit. A few years later, websites evolved from a luxury to a necessity. Every brand needed to have one to do business.

For some perspective, today, can you think of buying something that does not have an online presence? In fact, it works the other way round now. Your trust levels take a back seat when you do not find a product website.

We believe that the Metaverse would have a similar trajectory. Every brand would initially explore the idea of selling products via Metaverse but it will become a given in a few years from now.

Metaverse not only portrays a swag-worthy and forward looking image for a brand, but also a better way of giving the customers an immersive experience.

B. Job Opportunities:

We are still very early in Metaverse. If you observe closely, nothing much has changed in the look and feel of how Metaverse looked like in 2000s and today. This means there is a lot of scope of development.

The demand for skilled professionals in this space is booming.

Every technology undergoes a life cycle of adoption as shown in the image below. Currently Metaverse is in the ‘innovators; and ‘early adopters’ stage.

There are multiple iterations happening to a piece of technology at this step. Therefore, sooner you dive into this space, more employable you become.

A noteworthy point here is that you need not learn coding for getting a job in Metaverse. There is a plethora of options available for community management, content creation, writing, social media etc.

C. Monetary Gains:

And if you are not looking into getting a full time job in the Metaverse space, you can ride on the innovation wave by investing into Metaverse based tokens. Here is a list that we recently curated to present an overview of how is this industry faring.

D. Explore the Other Side:

And if nothing excites you much, it would be a worthwhile experience to understand how Metaverses work. What all technologies go behind building a Metaverse and generating value from it.

The world is changing faster than ever. Rather than ignoring the fact by putting it under a common bucket of ‘money laundering‘, it is better that we learn why something which is so mind boggling.

Where to Learn Metaverse From?

Well, Metaverse by its very nature has become an integral part of our life. However, to gain more clarity on the vision of Metaverse we imagine, here are some handpicked resources:


Movie directors have toyed around with this domain of fiction for a while now. From as early as The Matrix, idea of virtual world has surfaced time and again. However one movie that stood out of the crowd that is eligible for becoming a text book example of Metaverse is called ‘Ready Player One‘.

Ready Player One:

Set in the year 2045, Ready Player One shows a doomed world on the brink of a chaos. With everyone confined to live in a metal container, people find solace in a virtual world called ‘Oasis‘. This virtual world is created by a person called ‘James Halliday’ who is no longer alive.

The motive of the virtual world is to find a hidden Easter egg that would entitle its founder the rights to run Oasis and entire wealth of ‘James Halliday‘.

You wear a VR headset and buy certain in game assets to elevate your experience. These assets include hacks where you can stop the time, suits that enable touch and feel while you play and of course weapons‘ and vehicles of choice.

The protagonist is against a corporation that deals in a Metaverse that has second highest number of users in the world. They want to find the Easter egg to gain world dominance.

This move is a perfect watch if you want to pick your brain. In fact, we believe that a lot of ideas around Metaverse are derived from the imagination presented in this movie.

TV shows:

Many TV shows have tried to portray the concept of Metaverse. One of the recent examples of such a show is Black Mirror. But one which caught our eye was ‘Upload’

Upload, featured on Amazon Prime in 2019 is a show that takes the concept of Metaverse up a notch. In this show, person who dies in real world, has an option of uploading their conscience in a virtual world. This way, they can interact with living relatives even after they are no more.

The representation of Metaverse is truly amazing in terms of the detailing out the nitty gritty.

For example, it is imagined that each of these Metaverse would have different categories of experiences based on the money spent (or package opted for). This difference is clearly demarcated by showing a set of ‘uploads’ who are only allowed certain number of beats in a day. After which they have to upgrade to a higher package or wait for the next day to speak.

What if I Die in Metaverse?

Is it just me or this question bothers you as well? Well, Ready Player One, has an extremely cool solution. Whenever you die, all your belongings, coins, skins, levels you have acquired, go to zero. Basically, you start from the scratch.

But have you ever imagined that if Metaverses are decentralized in nature, who the heck is going to inform you if your avatar is in danger etc.? Compare this with the famous mobile game: Clash of Clans. If your clan is under attack, you are instantly informed via a notification.

As a response you immediately open the application and try to protect yourself. Well, the journey of this notification is not as easy as you may think.

This notification is triggered by some action in ‘Clash of Clans’ application. Later, it is queued at Apple or Android servers to show it on your device. It undergoes some checks and validations there. If everything seems to be in place, it is pushed to you.

But Metaverse is not run on Android or Apple. It is a decentralized world in itself. So who is going to inform you if you are about to die?

Well lucky for us, some smart people gave it a thought already and came up with a solution called EPNS. EPNS is a a decentralized notifications protocol that enables wallet addresses to receive notifications in platform agnostic fashion from both decentralized and centralized carriers.

Is it worth it?

If experts were to believe, then this industry is going to shape up the web 3 we keep hearing about. Every time a fiction becomes a reality, it always has that audience ready to adopt it from the very beginning. Metaverse is currently placed at that exact spot. It is definitely going to be an interesting space to watch.

Until then, you can take part in its success from a distance by purchasing some Metaverse based coins like MANA, ENJ from CoinDCX.

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