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BlogchatterA2Z Challenge Theme Reveal: Fintech Platforms in India

When I was in early stages of my career, I was very delusional. I always thought very highly of my own self in my head. While that is not a bad thing to do, but you need to draw the line somewhere. Most of my plans included the keywords like “Ho Jaega” “Dekh Lenge“. On the top of that, I even felt sad if something didn’t work out. Ironic right? Then finally, my life was about to take a U-turn when I was asked to take up a role based out of Mumbai. When I reached Mumbai, reality hit me so hard. I realized that all this time the image of “Tees Maar Khan” I carried in my life has been fake. I became so humble and realized the importance of staying low key. Why did this happen? May be that’s a topic for another post.

So, as a result of this mind shift, I instantly became open to learning. From being the “Mr. Know it all”, I became the “Mr. Tell me more”. That’s when the entire universe conspired to give me the taste of the world of finance, all at once. I met a Gujrati colleague who was so damn good in managing money, that I would literally melt out of embarrassment in our conversations. At the same time, thanks to Mumbai traffic, I started listening to the audio book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Turns out I had all the qualities of a poor dad. I could literally check mark all the issues that were stated in that book.

Tell us the Theme Already!

Yes. Enough talking. So I found my latest interest in finance after moving to Mumbai and started reading a lot. Whatever content I could catch hold of, I would read. At one point, I would only see Economics, Stock Markets, Mutual funds, Personal Finance etc. in my social media feed.

However, there’s still an engineer inside me who just won’t let the love for tech go away.

Therefore, let’s marry the two together. Hence “Fintech” was born. Tada!

In this challenge, I would review 26 fintech platforms which are helping millennials do some crazy stuff from that thingy they carry in their palms all the time.

I am planning to keep them short 500-750 words so that we can pretentiously act as Gen Zers by creating and consuming byte sized contents. So, you may think of them as your daily finance shot, administered to you in under 4 minutes.

Why Fintech?

As a part of this challenge, I wish to learn more about the fintech scene in India. It is already blowing up and I think each one of us should be a part of it. If you try searching for top 5 trends on Google, you are likely to find the terms like NFT, Cryptocurrency, Zerodha somewhere in that last. Therefore, it only makes sense to embrace this domain of technology rather than being in your own shell.

Why Me?

Finally, I’d like to address the question that why am I the right person to talk about finance. I am not a certified financial planner. Apart from the fact that I opted for Finance as one of my subjects during MBA, I have no formal certification.

That is primarily the reason that I should be doing this more often than others. World of finance loves jargons. In fact they are so overwhelming that I chose to ignore the entire discipline of personal finance for many years in my life. So, the entire aim is to help you with that situation. That is probably what I am trying to change through my blog as well. Memes are my weapons and I am planning to use them all to simplify the concepts to the best of my knowledge.


After your body fitness, creativity is the purest form of self love. You cannot outsource it, you cannot purchase it from the market. You have to work on it every single day to allow those juices to flow to their maximum potential. I am taking it up a notch with BlogchatterA2Z challenge. My first by the way. Let’s see what happens next. #BlogchatterA2Z

A techno manager by profession and a hardcore geek at heart. I love to poke my nose into tasks where other usually gave up on. My hobbies include, reading about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and latest trends in tech industry, playing guitar and yes, memes!

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  1. Ha! Ha! Loved that you chose to become Mr. Tell Me More. And I find numbers and finance jargon so confusing and overwhelming that my brain shuts down when I have a personal finances discussion with my family.

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