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I Hate Photography: Unpopular Opinion

There, I said it. I hate photography. Be it food, landscapes or myself (specially myself). I just don’t like the idea of photographing every experience you come across. Ever since I was a kid, I just quite couldn’t wrap my head around the logic behind this artform. If you are trying to connect my behavior with my awareness of concepts like self worth, self love etc., hold on for a moment. It has nothing to do with the fact how fat or slim I look in the photos. I have very specific reasons behind it and I plan to cover them all in today’s blogpost. With the rise of smartphones and turbocharged cameras within, accompanied by endless storage capabilities, photography has taken a new shape in our lives. I am NOT OKAY with that personally.

Today, I plan to pen down my rationale behind this mindset. So without further a due, let’s get started on the saga of hating photography in general. Hate is a strong word you say? I agree. So are my feelings!

1. Awkwardness:

Is it just me or you don’t know what to do with your arms when you are being clicked? Also, jaws clench and brows start drawing closer to each other. I don’t know. Getting clicked is so awkward that I often resort to stupidity to cover that. I make faces, weird expressions and what not. Needless to say, in either case, I end up ruining my photos. Also, for the ones sharing the frame with me. I just can’t help it.

Also, are the concepts like ‘angle‘, ‘correct profile‘, real? I think I look the same from all sides.

Awkwardness while getting clicked

2. Fake:

All of this just looks to fake to me. I am not saying that I do not enjoy the moment I am in. The photos just demand too much of that smile in order to look good. Anything less looks a little unearthly, may be creepy as well. And I tried to explore and rewire my brain on this. I started noticing the pictures of my friends who are so good with pleasant expressions and tried to replicate. I even started observing what gets them into this mode. Are these photos candid? Then, I found one case which changed my perception forever.

I was on a birthday party of one of my friends. Right before someone was going to click her, she moved her arms in a certain fashion and got back with a huge smile on her face. She could do this repeatedly. I was so shocked because I admired that person for being (at least looking) happy in all her photos. I shared my distress with my spouse and she said that she knew it all along. She mentioned that that’s how it has always been for everyone. That incident changed my viewpoint of photography forever. I can’t fake to an extent to give others a FOMO/anxiety. Just not fair.

Hating photography because its fake

Apart from that, this incident questioned my intellect and knowledge of the real world. I have been so noob in social matters that I was the only one to whom this came as a shock. Sad!

3. Being in the Moment:

I don’t think we talk about this enough. I believe your eyes are the one of the greatest assets god gave you. And you chose to relish a moment through a 6″ screen? No camera whatsoever can capture the setting sun, the snow covered peaks and euphoria of a concert, the way your eyes can.

So may be keep that phone aside, for a moment quit thinking about social validation the photo will garner, and immerse yourself in the experience? No one? Call me old but my entire focus is on painting a stronger and everlasting picture of the view in my brain. There are tons of photos on the internet any way in case you want to recollect a picturesque scenery.

4. My Food, Hunger and Photography:

I am totally up for culinary arts and acknowledge the effort that goes behind making the food tasty and visually appealing as well. But in the end, it is meant to be eaten. Do you go to restaurant when you’re not hungry? No right? Similarly, I decide to dine in with a totally empty stomach. With all the aroma and food around you, it’s really hard to wait. And when the moment finally arrives, someone just slaps the back of your hand. The hand that was reaching out for that cheese loaded nacho.

Thus begins a stream of “kaching-kaching” and you are just sitting there like a fool waiting for all this to end. Defeats the very purpose you were there for. You can see it, right there, but can’t eat it.

5. Selfies:

My hate for photography won’t hit the Nirvana before venting out on the most toxic form of photography: Selfies. Nothing says that you are self obsessed more than a selfie.

Our insanity has been driving the smartphone industry and front facing cameras for years now. There are songs written about it, filters dedicated to feed your insecurities and tools like a selfie stick for god’s sake to keep you intrigued.

We probably glorified narcissism with the advent of selfies. People also caught into hype of obnoxious trends with the rise in popularity of the selfie culture

  • The duck face selfie
  • The gym selfie.
  • The #nomakeup selfie.
  • The belfie.
  • The bathroom selfie.
  • The “I’m asleep” selfie.
  • The “pout” selfie.

Of course it is harmless and doesn’t bother anyone. But so is Dhinchak Pooja. So you take a call. People are already undergoing medical procedures to change the way they look. And before that takes an even worse route, someone has to put an end to this.


The more I think about it, more concerned I get. I wonder how the upcoming generations are going to react to this. Are we going to do away with the physical experiences totally and lead a purely digital life? Time will tell. Until then, I am better off without the photos.

Do you also feel the same way or am I just overreacting?

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