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Elon Musk is an unreal personality. Believe it or not, the man controls the stock market using twitter. And if you are an influencer of that level, world keeps a regular eye on your purchases, investments and your future plans. In this post I would discuss one such incident that caught my attention lately in the form of a video from Jeff Brown (more on him later) and a conceptual technology, Elon Musk has been reportedly working on: SAV or Shared Autonomous Vehicle (S.A.V).

Who is Jeff Brown?

So before we jump in to what is SAV or shared autonomous vehicle technology, let us first understand who Jeff Brown is and why this video from him is credible at all. Is it just another news about stock market or does it have some real value?

Jeff Brown is a tech investment analyst. Academically, he holds degrees from Purdue University, the London Business School, UC Berkeley School of Law, Stanford, Yale School of Management, and MIT.

Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown

He is no stranger to tech world and has held senior-level roles at some big tech companies. For example, he was an executive at Qualcomm and a vice president of NXP Semiconductors Japan

What is SAV or Shared Autonomous Vehicle Technology?

SAV is an interesting take on the world run by machines and algorithms. To give you some background on this, Jeff tells us that Tesla is not an automobile company per se. It is rather an AI company. Other manufacturers would assemble the chassis, design and implement the interiors and later work on the software that would support that vehicle.

However, Musk and it’s Tesla would first design the software and then build the vehicle around it that supports the software.

Shared Autonomous Vehicle showing connectivity

So with that in mind, Elon Musk plans to launch a fleet of autonomous vehicles (SAV) wherein your car will drop you to the office in the morning. Next, on a press of a button or whatever will instruct your Tesla to join a fleet. By the day, you will earn money as a taxi service provider and later in the evening, the car would come back before you are done with your work. I can totally see Indian dads nagging their kids and comparing them with their Tesla. <*Read in Indian Accent*> My bloody car is earning more than you. Such a useless son.

This way, your car becomes a self driving asset and it could generate up to $30,000 per year. “How’s that son? At your age, I was fighting with the aliens.” Elon Musk SAV Technology is giving Indian Kids a run for their money.

What is the Video about?

So the entire premise of the video lies around the fact that how can you invest in such a technology and generate multifold returns on your investment.

Musk and his companies are very secretive about their suppliers. However, Jeff seems to have found one supplier through “Countless hours of research”. He says that Tesla uses a camera which is mounted behind the windshield. The camera provides the bot a view of what’s ahead of the car to a range of 250m. He goes on and displays that camera (as seen in the image above) and confirms that his research is up to the mark. His exact words: “I have found the company that’s making these sensors for Tesla

Jeff Brown holding a camera that is fit in Tesla

So what next? Tesla shares are trading above $800 right now but the company Jeff is betting on, is 95% cheaper as per him. So that means there’s a lot of potential upside to be tapped. With that logic, $35 apiece is something that deserves your attention.

He continues to give some other hints like:

  • Fortune magazine naming this company as one of the fastest growing companies in America.
  • This company makes 10,000 other car products including semiconductors.
  • It also manufactures power semiconductors can help bring down the cost of the car batteries.
  • This company is also a supplier of General Motors.

In totality, he tries to establish that if EV market observes a boom (which is highly likely in the future), there is a fortune to be made using this stock.

What share is it then?

Well, like all good things come with a cost, so does this one. For finding out the share he is talking about, one needs to get hold of his special report called How to Make a Fortune From Tesla’s Secret Supplier. He has given all the details along with the company name in that report. To access that report, one needs to subscribe to The Near Future Report.

The near future report is an investment journal where Jeff publishes his ideas every month. One year of subscription of the near future report costs about $49.

Good luck diving deeper into it.

However, I did find some close guesses to narrow down on the stock:

By no means this is a buy recommendation, but from what I have found from a few sources on internet, these hints may point towards a company called TE Connectivity LTD (NYSE: TEL), a Swiss manufacturer of sensors and other electronic components. You can check out the work they are doing through this link. There also has been a steady momentum in this stock ever since the news came out.

Elon Musk SAV share
Stock as on 19/05/2021
TEL Goes Stonks


Can we just keep investment and returns aside for a while and admire the idea of Shared Autonomous Vehicle? This technology is making me go berserk. Imagine not having to deal with a rowdy driver ever again in your journey. Is it a long shot? May be. Am I going to follow this? Hell Yeah!

And if we can make some good ol’ moolah in the process of following our passion for tech, that’s just cherry on the top.

Off to Google’s 23rd Search Engine Result Page to find more about this stock without spending $49.

Are you going to search for it as well? Please let me know if you find the stock being discussed here:

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