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5 Actually “Valuable” Valentines Day Gifts

So, it is that time of the year again. World is split into two groups of people around this week. (1) Who are into relationship and start planning for this week almost a month ago, (2) The one’s who are yet to find “the one” and crib constantly until that happens . Our country has a third group as well- The low lives that will harass the people celebrating valentines day. Ignoring that category of goons, everyone’s seeking ideas for valentines day gifts. May it be for your better half, your “to- be” or just a prospect in the pipeline, gifting is deep rooted in every culture.

About me? I am married. Probably a fourth category. We love the spirit of valentine’s day but we don’t go all gung ho about it. And it is not about marriage. I have always had that feeling around this week while observing all that cheesy stuff they used to do back in college and school.

Valuable valentines day gifts

Nevertheless, I promise these gift ideas are definitely not going to fall for that filmy trap. I cannot guarantee that your BAE would like it, but your future self would thank you for doing this. Also, this is something I plan to give my wife on this 14th February. I’d let you all know how that goes. Without additional TMI, I’ll just get started:

1. Gold:

We Indians love gold. I am sure that your better half would love it too. But it’s valentines day and not your marriage for god’s sake. So I am NOT suggesting you to buy gold chains, bangles, rings etc. Rather, invest in Gold in your partner’s name.

  • You could open a Digital Gold Locker with likes of Paytm and PhonePe and purchase gold each month in whatever quantity your pocket allows. Personally, I started one such account about an year ago and have accumulated a sizeable quantity of Gold. Pure Gold. How is that for a gift?
valentines day gifts: Gold
  • You can also purchase Gold Bonds by RBI which will keep on growing with each passing year. The previous tranche was available till January 15th. For details on what gold bond is and other nitty gritty, please read my post on multiple ways to invest in gold. You would find other interactive methods like ETFs as well if you plan to choose that.

Gold not only secures the future of you two love birds, but also hedges your portfolio in case of correction. A must have asset. A gift that keeps on growing. What an idea Sir ji.

2. SIP for Trip:

I don’t know why, discussion around finances even within the family is considered as a taboo in our country. For me, the best part of marriage is deliberating and planning for the future with my wife. And when your plans comes to fruition, there is no better feeling than that. Therefore, sit down with your better half, ask where would she want to go for her next vacation. Narrow down to a budget, incorporate inflation and start a SIP in her/his name for the same.

valentines day gifts SIP for trip

In this small gesture of giving valentines day gifts, you just learnt goal planning, investing and simultaneously strengthened the bond between you two. Awww moment may be?


Ha! A quirky one! Yes you read it right. It is totally possible to gift shares/stocks to someone. All you need to do is have a demat account (sender and receiver both) and have shares with you already. This is indeed a very meaningful gift that puts forth a message that the other person is a part of your life long investment journey.

valentines day gifts: Stocks

And if your spouse or girl/boyfriend is not into investing, this is a good opportunity to handhold and get the ball rolling. Often one gets hooked after seeing the results. Pick up some good blue-chip stocks and gift it to your partner this valentines. One of the most peculiar valentines day gifts for person of any age.

4. Books:

If your partner is into reading, this is a great opportunity to gift some relevant books. However, this time around, do NOT gift that old cheesy fiction. Go for some books that would help them boost their financial acumen.

If he/she is the one that hates books, like I do, gift them a subscription to audible. That is how I was able to gain insights from some master pieces. I read the infamous book named “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and that changed my perspective of money forever. From having all the traits of a poor dad, to realizing that some fixes are required, it was quite a journey.

5. Current Financial Health:

This is not a gift per se. However, if you don’t do this yet, valentines or not, please start doing it immediately. There is no point of earning if your family is not able to reap its benefits in situations of distress. Therefore, you should start this valentines day by gifting your significant other a key to your financial locker. Be it an excel or some other place where you keep track of your incoming, outgoing and investments, your partner deserves to know it all.

I have added my wife as a family member in the app called IndMoney (Let me know if you want me to review it in the comments section below) and we both can see each other’s investments. This was a significant step in strengthening of our relationship. I agree that it may be applicable to married couples only, but this should be there in the back of your mind always.


You know, I shouldn’t even be using the excuse of Valentines day to write this blogpost. Savings and investment are indispensable and one should start their investing journey as soon as possible.

However, use the gifts mentioned above to instill that ray of hope in your partner. Use them to communicate that you’ve got their back financially. What better than gifts that keep on giving?

Have you ever seen gifting from this standpoint? Do you plan to?

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