Winter is Coming

5 Weird Reasons I Hate Winter Season!

It’s that time of the year again. My wife is so excited about purchasing and wearing warmer clothes, boots. My mother is putting all the quilts in sun to get rid of the weird odor of odonil fresheners. My father couldn’t talk more about the food he is going to have this winter season. As north India prepared for it’s coldest winters in many years, everyone’s so thrilled. While all this is happening, I suddenly realized, I hate winter season.

As a kid, if someone would ask me my favorite season of the year, I would immediately say winters. My logic? Because my birthday came in winters. But as I grew old, that charm wore off and I started hating this season to the core. Now, I understand that India is primarily a tropical country. Our winters are much less worse than they have in western countries (it doesn’t snow in my home town). And that is probably all the more reason to despise this season. It is like facing most of the hardships of the season minus the fun part. So what would be my top reasons to hate winter season?

1. Deathly Silence:

I don’t know if you can relate to this or not, but winter nights have pin drop silence. I have a hard time sleeping in such an environment. Minor sound of fan, AC, or may be a little outside noise would also do. In winters, I think I can hear my heart beat while I am trying to sleep. Summers are much better off. If nothing, you can at least open the windows which would expose you to some humanly noises.

Deathly silence in winters

2. Layers of Clothes:

God was very generous to me when he decided to distribute layers of fat. Above that, you have to wear a shirt, sweater, jacket, socks. I just hate it. Ever since I was a kid, I hate the feeling of anything woolen when I just step out of bath. May be it’s just my thing. In winters, if you don’t wear a cap, it’s highly likely that you’ll spend next couple of days sneezing and wiping your nose.

layers of clothes in winters

Also, as soon as you wakeup, you cannot leave your bed without covering yourself all over again. So, there is an additional task to your already overloaded morning routine. Ever since WFH started, I have not come out of boxers. In the middle of such comfort, if you load me with heavy clothing (more than I was on my marriage btw), what do you expect?

3. Cold Hands and Feet:

In this time of the year, cold feet is a literal thing and not just a phrase. Your hands are rendered pretty useless too. Half of your attention and time goes into rubbing them together to get back to a workable temperature. And don’t even try to recommend gloves to me. With so much advancement in technology, why can’t we have gloves that support capacitive phone screens? It is really hard to operate your phone with gloves on. So now I have cold limbs and a bored and fatigued brain. Wow!

Cold hands and feet in winters

4. Laziness:

Ever since I grew old, I have been an early bird. I love to wake up early and close all personal tasks before the office hours start. However, winters are a big enemy of this routine. You love to snooze and stay in bed for longer durations. While that is a breathtaking experience, it is one of those 7 sins: Sloth. I dislike those ‘5 minute more’ negotiations with myself.


Winters can be highly non productive too. Every now and then, you feel like bidding adieu your study table and going into the quilt. It is very hard to work in such a weather.

5. Driving:

Even if you disagree with all the points above, you will be able to relate to this one. Driving amidst dense fog is a nightmare in winters. You need to be extra cautious while driving. Not only it is unsafe and dangerous, it takes the entire fun out of driving. I am not a fan of driving but I would love to get where I want to go in time. I hate winter season because it deprives us, of just that.

Dense fog in winter season


While I realize that if you have reached this section, you may be judging me totally, but that is how things are. I like warmer climates. I am okay with sweating but definitely not okay with trembling. Only good thing that comes out winters is probably the fact that no one cares if you have taken a bath or not. But that is definitely not worth it to survive 4 months of excruciating torture. Do you relate to all this? Let me know in the comment section below or on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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