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Best visiting cards design idea?

With the evolution of digital, the way we interact with our customers has taken a brand new shape. People are ditching the conventional tools of engagement and aren’t afraid to expose their creative side to the world. A domain that has truly leveraged this revolution is visiting cards design ideas. Visiting cards now come in all shapes, sizes, formats- competing to seek attention and recall of their customers.

visiting cards design idea
Visiting card of a photographer

In this post, I would highlight one such idea of visiting card. This visiting card was given to me by one of the tyre shops I visited for car alignment. Tyres generally are a low recall product given the fact that it is one of the saddest purchases of your life. Also, life cycle is pretty long too (3-4 years). So how does he make sure that customer recalls his shop and visits him each time for his/his family’s tyre needs? That guy had a printed QR code on his visiting card. He explicitly mentioned that next time I wanted to visit his store, I can simply scan the code and will be redirected to the google location of the store. My inner techie panda was jolted to the core. Why didn’t I think of this? I came back home and immediately started searching for such ideas.

QR Code and its uses:

QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.

That guy used it for storing location but you can use it for multiple other purposes like:

  • URL to your website: Why make the customer type lengthy URLs where he has to ensure there is no typo. Simply enable scan and go using this technique.
  • Personal Information: You can store email or phone the QR code. So scanning it will directly take the customer to the embedded information and he can tap and reach out to you.
  • VCard: If you want your customers to save all your contact details directly into their phone, you can go for this option.
  • Social Networks: Enable direct reach to the social media network of your choice using this technique.
  • WiFi: Want your customers to use WiFi peacefully on your store while they wait to avail your services? Simply hand them over your visiting card. They can scan it and ready to go. Cool right?
  • Event: Have some event lined up? Simply add that information and scanning will create a reminder in their calendar.
Design idea for visiting card: QR code
QR code containing URL to my blog.

How to make these QR codes?

There are a lot of online services which will help you design these QR codes. One such service I found was QRCode Monkey. It has the ability to generate the QR codes for all the use cases I covered above. It also has the ability to give the QR code a funky look by playing with colours, logos etc.

Once designed, you can download and save them as PNG/PDF files and later use it in the final design of your visiting cards. In our context, the tyre dealer created the QR code online and then got these cards made from a local printer.

I believe online platforms such as vistaprint, printvenue also have these features to help you design the cards using QR codes you generated elsewhere.


Quirky feature like this can enhance your brand recall in the mind of the customer. Even if the customer tech aptitude doesn’t allow him to use this functionality, you brand can be a topic of discussion whenever this visiting card is exchanged.

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