Before you start off, some of you might think, who the hell forgets their parking location? Is it even possible to get lost in the parking lot? Believe it or not, there are many people who have a hard time remembering where they parked their vehicle. I am one of them. Parking lots are still easy as they have those pillar numbers as a landmark. But, what about open space parking? For those who know me, know for a fact that this is totally something I can forget. My rationale is, if parking location was that hard to forget, why did tech companies invest so much time and money to give features that help us remembering the same? And even if you don’t often land up in such a situation, it is good to have tech having your back any way. You can free up your mind without bothering much about landmarks on your way.

A quick disclaimer before we jump into the article, this is a pre-work you have to do to avoid yourself from being lost. If you have already lost your car and hope and decide to read this article, it ain’t gonna help.

So there are a couple of ways to do this. Let’s get started:

1. Google Maps:

Yes, your friend Google has this feature for past so many years now. It has this functionality evolved to an extent that if you are navigating to a place and stop there, it automatically saves that location as your parking spot.

In case you are not navigating and still want Google to remember your spot, quickly open the maps, you will see a blue dot that shows your current location. Wait for a couple of seconds to let it settle down (basement parking have poor network reception anyway). Once it is stabilized, tap on it and you get the option of saving it as your parking spot. Handy right? The next time you open the maps, it shows that spot as your parking location. Simply tap on that spot and hit directions to walk towards your car.

2. Oneplus Dashboard

I find this one much more handy and it has a couple of additional features to offer. It is something specific to Oxygen OS. You simply swipe left on your home screen to access the dashboard where you’ll find a widget called parking location.

Not only you can mark your parking location here, but you can take pictures of the nearby landmarks as well. No need to keep a note of your “B2, J 391, Blue pillar” now. Also, some places charge you on the basis of time as well. This widget will take care of that part as well and keep a track of hours for which your car has been parked. No more getting lost in parking lot.


I have always been questioned on the fact why can’t I keep a track of such small things on my own without relying on technology. In my opinion, if technology can do it on your behalf (and you have already paid for it) why not extract its maximum potential? Imagine going to mall and trying to memorize all these minute details on your way from parking lot to the entrance. Not a good recipe for a perfect family time. Getting lost in a parking lot is never fun anyway. It ain’t much, but still why use even miniscule of brain’s bandwidth for something you can outsource. Hope you resonate with that opinion.

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