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iPhone 12: the newest addition to the apple family

The moment has finally come. “With the stroke of midnight hour..” Oh Wait! Nope, the notch is still there. We still haven’t got independence from that. Yes, I am talking about our beloved iPhone series coming up with its latest entrant iPhone 12. Lets talk about if there is any new feature in iPhone 12 at all or not.

Apple had a virtual event this time on 13th October, 10:30 PM IST. If there were any marks for the presentation, I would give them 110%. None of the virtual events so far have pulled off such a spectacular choir.

But, lets face it, that has always been Apple’s strengths. Coming to something I have doubts about (new features of iPhone 12). iPhone 12 lineup comes with four different variants:

  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

In case you want to deep dive into comparison, you can jump to the infographic below. Just like every year after the launch of iPhone X, there is no noticeable change in the design. But, I would quickly highlight the latest iPhone 12 features (different from its predecessors):

Ceramic Shield:

Apple boasts that they have come up with a new, ultra strong screen display which they dub as “Ceramic Shield”. It is claimed that your phone screen is 4x less likely to shatter if it is dropped. This will be a part of all four variants mentioned above.


A lot of (almost all) the presentations we had in the keynote centered around the power of 5G. Apple has clarified that older devices are not capable of making the most of ultra high speed 5G. This is 10-100 times faster than our regular 4G. Apple claims that in ideal situations, they have observed a speed of up to 3.5 GB/s.


For all those who have owned a Mac in the past may know about this technology. MagSafe allows your phone to connect to a charger through magnetic pins. This not only serves the charging purpose but also allows multiple accessories to stick to your phone through magnets. (As Apple says: It just clicks). There were a couple of cases and card covers shown during the keynote and I am sure more such accessories will enter the market soon.

no charger/ear pods

Yes you read it right. Apple during their ESG presentation said that this year iPhones will ship without Ear Pods and Chargers in the box. As per them, people are moving to the wireless landscape and hence it is not needed any more. Also, this would allow them to reduce the carbon footprint equivalent to 4,50,000 cars in one year.


If you are one of those kinds who miss a handy phone after gigantism became a trend in the handset industry, iPhone 12 Mini is a nice touch of nostalgia. I would caution you about the INR 69,000 price tag but 5.4 inches packed with latest A14 bionic chip is nothing less than a charm.

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max again would be suitable for professionals in my opinion. Apple has shown some videos in the keynote which are at par with a fully featured cinematic film. People claim that this would give boost to the cinema industry where individual directors could now shoot scenes in the remote areas where carrying equipment is not possible. Once again at starting range of INR 1,00,000 is something that somehow hints that this isn’t meant for general public to use.

In totality, if you are into buying stuff for maintaining social stature wherein you need consider the underlying value of the product, Apple, has yet again, managed to position itself class apart from other smartphones in the market.

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