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There’s a moment in everyone’s life where they snap and decide that this is something they want to do their entire life. While I have jotted down my crypto journey here, for the uninitiated, I started off at a very embarrassing note. After bragging about my multibagger crypto investment, I couldn’t answer some basic questions. That’s when I decided to give blockchain a thought. And when I did it, it took me one day to double down on this technology and cryptos in general. Ever since, I have been making content around it and would love to enlighten the community.

You can expect this section of the blog to help you get started with your crypto journey. It covers four key aspects of crypto as follows:

  • Blockchain– The technology aspect
  • Cryptocurrency– The money aspect (Investable area of blockchain)
  • Spiritual– Where I talk about how crypto can be larger than life.


Does making money excite you? OK, let me rephrase, does money making money excite you? This section is dedicate to the new wave of fintech platforms that is all set to take Indian investment landscape by a storm.

I have always been a DIY investor since I started my first job and have had my share of mistakes. This blog is meant to highlight those mistakes. Also, as mentioned, technology plays an important part here too! I tend to keep on using multiple online platforms available for investing and staying up to date. I will try to post my take on them. You can expect the following from this section:

  • Fintech Platforms – Features and Reviews
  • DIY Investment Tips
  • My financial journey so far!

Ready to start your investment journey all by yourself? Glide over to the finance section.

Technology Trends

The rate of growth of computational power over the last 50 years is the highest. For example, the cars are only twice as fast (maybe). Human brain remains the same (well, almost). On the contrary computational power has increased by a trillion times. Believe it or not, we are in the fourth industrial revolution and technology is powering it, driving it, is at the heart of it.

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the latest technology by the virtue of my profession. But, in case your job doesn’t demand this, it is NOT an option any more. This section aims to update you with latest technology trends in terms of

  • Gadgets
  • Application Reviews
  • General Technology Updates

So what are you waiting for? Head over the technology trends section to get the ball rolling!


Everything in my life revolves around technology. I am a strong believer of the fact that technology must be used to enhance one’s lifestyle. I have been investing in multiple such apps and gadgets which help me achieve this goal.

While many have asked me to put a cap on these expenses, but I would leave that up to you to decide.

With that being said, I am big advocate of digital wellbeing at the same time. Digital wellbeing is often overlooked in our country especially. With data being cheapest in the world we often find ourselves hooked to our screens for hours and inadvertently it cause multiple problems.

In this section I want to share my experiences with tech:

  • IOT
  • HealthTech
  • FoodTech

All set for your guide to uber lifestyle? Jump on to the lifestyle section.

About the author

Hi, I am Raghav. A little (okay, a lot) curious about everything that has been powered using technology. Known for bricking handsets of friends and family by flashing it with custom ROMs, this inquisition has now come a long way and I earn my living off it. I am a Business Analyst by profession. I am also a DIY crypto and stock market investor and love talking about money. On a lighter note, I am a season meme connoisseur (veteran 9gagger for 15 years now) and have been rated as 5 star by most of the Uber drivers I travelled with! Still not convinced? Click here to know more.

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