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The rate of growth of computational power over the last 50 years is the highest. For example, the cars are only twice as fast (maybe). Human brain remains the same (well, almost). On the contrary computational power has increased by a trillion times. Believe it or not, we are in the fourth industrial revolution and technology is powering it, driving it, is at the heart of it.

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I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the latest technology by the virtue of my profession. But, in case your job doesn’t demand this, it is NOT an option any more. This section aims to update you with latest technology trends in terms of

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What is Gas Fees? How Can You Visualize It?: TxStreet

One thing that differentiates CeFi from DeFi is the transaction speed and fees. While there are numerous benefits of using a blockchain over a conventional database, technology is still at very nascent stage. For example, Ethereum can currently process about 15 transactions per second. Compare that to Visa which has the capability of processing 2000 […]

We’re Too Early in Web3: The SBI Rant

Every now and then, I would hear someone say that web3 is at a very nascent stage. And guess what? They’re right. It is. There’s a lot of BUIDLing that needs to happen to become at par with web2 counterparts. Taking back the control of your data is sexy. But if masses don’t adopt, you […]

The Crypto Year of 2021: A Quick Recap

With Covid wave 3 knocking down the new year resolutions for many, there’s hardly any difference between 2021 and 2022 in terms of the ability to roam outside freely without a mask. Also, I know I am a bit late to the party with a post like this. But thanks to wave 3, which took […]


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