Technology is the only thing that helps you lead a lazy lifestyle by enhancing your productivity at the same time.

So if you have been reading this blog for a while now, you must have realized that everything in my life revolves around technology. I am a strong believer of the fact that technology must be used to enhance one’s lifestyle. I have been investing in multiple such apps and gadgets which help me achieve this goal.

While many have asked me to put a cap on these expenses, but I would leave that up to you to decide.

With that being said, I am big advocate of digital wellbeing at the same time. Digital wellbeing is often overlooked in our country especially. With data being cheapest in the world we often find ourselves hooked to our screens for hours and inadvertently it cause multiple problems.

In this section I want to share my experiences with tech:

  • IOT
  • Technology in health industry
  • Technology in food industry
  • Technology in sports industry
  • Social Media and its impact

Resurrection of the Metaverse

Why Enterprises should think beyond the hype There was a time. A time when calling yourself a virtual estate owner qualified as a legitimate portfolio diversification. We witnessed world’s largest social media company rebrand itself. Every boardroom was supposedly discussing their ‘Metaverse Strategy’. And startups? Well, some of them attained the coveted unicorn status based…

Stock to Flow Model of Predicting Bitcoin Price

If only it wasn’t the consequence of my own actions. Yeah. You asked for it right? It has been a while since we have been circling the boundaries of this crypto rabbit hole and it’s time that we dive right in. The ‘Stock to flow’ model or S2F is the best way to start this…

Staking, Shaken Not Stirred: Marinade Finance Deep Dive

It is your third day into the crypto world. You have just come across this snappy Blockchain called Solana. All of a sudden, you hear these terms called ‘Staking’ and ‘Liquid Staking’. You feel like throwing up and never coming back to this dark side of finance. You gather some courage, do a quick google…

Parcl: Where DeFi Meets Realty 

A delightful deep dive saga of betting on cities with tokens Location doxxing alert! I live in Mumbai. But then there are 21M others who live in this bustling Indian city. A few days ago, while driving back home, I had this weird epiphany. In my defence, it takes me roughly 1.5 hours to reach…


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