The fastest way to create wealth is to know, that wealth creation is a slow process

Does making money excite you? OK, let me rephrase, does money making money excite you? This section is dedicate to the new wave of fintech platforms that is all set to take Indian investment landscape by a storm.

I have always been a DIY investor since I started my first job and have had my share of mistakes. This blog is meant to highlight those mistakes. Also, as mentioned, technology plays an important part here too! I tend to keep on using multiple online platforms available for investing and staying up to date. I will try to post my take on them. You can expect the following from this section:

  • Fintech Platforms – Features and Reviews
  • DIY Investment Tips
  • My financial journey so far!
Digital Nomad working on a laptop

What is a Digital Nomad? Hottest WFH Trend!

Recently, I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed. Everything was as usual, until I found a person whose job title said, ‘Digital Nomad‘. On the face of it, you do realize what is this all about but turns out there is much more to this lifestyle than I ever knew. Having heard this term for […]

Image showing Camera lens components with adjectives about photography

I Hate Photography: Unpopular Opinion

There, I said it. I hate photography. Be it food, landscapes or myself (specially myself). I just don’t like the idea of photographing every experience you come across. Ever since I was a kid, I just quite couldn’t wrap my head around the logic behind this artform. If you are trying to connect my behavior […]


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