The fastest way to create wealth is to know, that wealth creation is a slow process

Does making money excite you? OK, let me rephrase, does money making money excite you? This section is dedicate to the new wave of fintech platforms that is all set to take Indian investment landscape by a storm.

I have always been a DIY investor since I started my first job and have had my share of mistakes. This blog is meant to highlight those mistakes. Also, as mentioned, technology plays an important part here too! I tend to keep on using multiple online platforms available for investing and staying up to date. I will try to post my take on them. You can expect the following from this section:

  • Fintech Platforms – Features and Reviews
  • DIY Investment Tips
  • My financial journey so far!

Staking, Shaken Not Stirred: Marinade Finance Deep Dive

It is your third day into the crypto world. You have just come across this snappy Blockchain called Solana. All of a sudden, you hear these terms called ‘Staking’ and ‘Liquid Staking’. You feel like throwing up and never coming back to this dark side of finance. You gather some courage, do a quick google…

Parcl: Where DeFi Meets Realty 

A delightful deep dive saga of betting on cities with tokens Location doxxing alert! I live in Mumbai. But then there are 21M others who live in this bustling Indian city. A few days ago, while driving back home, I had this weird epiphany. In my defence, it takes me roughly 1.5 hours to reach…

Crypto Hard Money: A Myth or Reality?

A deep dive into International Stable Currency STABLE-COIN. Sounds like an oxymoron in the crypto space, right? Well, to quickly get this explainer out of the way, stablecoins are a class of crypto tokens that mimic the price of a stable asset like USD etc. Think of it as a crypto version of fiat.  This…

Bitcoin Ordinals Are Going Crazy But is it Just A Fad?

Chai is drunk daily (if not more than once) in India. So why shouldn’t the crypto news be delivered to you in a similar fashion? Just like you have got endless variants in Chai, so does web3. This is one of the first attempts to write daily ‘Crypto Chai’. Do share your feedback. Remember how…


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