Okay. This one is going to be really close to the home. So buckle up because this might seem like a head wrenching journey. But before we start, I wanted to ask you something. What type of an investor are you? And I won’t ask you to categorize this into conventionalaggressive, moderate and passive categories. I want to know if you are the ever evolving YOLO type or someone who does their due diligence? With that thought in your head let’s start with today’s topic: why is crypto investing and marriage relatable. Specially in India.

Disclaimer: By no means this is intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. All opinions presented in this blogpost are completely personal.

Why isn’t Crypto Mainstream Amongst Investors?

Over the past few years, we have seen enormous growth in crypto ecosystem. Retail investors from across the globe see it as an opportunity to become overnight success. There has been a significant interest from big institutions like JP Morgan, Grayscale etc. Apart from that, a couple of billionaires like Elon Musk, Marc Cuban and Kevin O’Leary have jumped the bandwagon too.

But with that being said, we are yet to see the mainstream adoption amongst elite community when it comes to crypto as investment tool. Of course one key reason for that could be the lack of regulations in many countries however, another reason is that it is disregarded as a speculative investment.

What is Speculative Investment?

Remember we talked about YOLOing? Boomers use politically correct term for it i.e. speculative investment. Anyone who makes speculative investment is called a ‘speculator‘. He or she is less concerned with the fundamental value of a security, and more on price movements. The investor doesn’t care about the annual income the asset may bring, such as dividends or interest payments. What matters is how much he or she can sell it for at a future date.

In other words, if an asset has no fundamentals (or perceived as) and is based purely on the hype of it, it is termed as a speculative investment. While most of the people like me who are involved actively in the cryptoverse would disagree, some top notch investment gurus like Warren Buffet have following to say on Bitcoin:

“Cryptocurrencies basically have no value and they don’t produce anything…In terms of value: zero. I don’t have any cryptocurrency and I never will,” he had said. In 2019 as well, Buffett had called bitcoin a ‘gambling device’. “There’s been a lot of frauds connected with it. There’s been disappearances, so there’s a lot lost on it. Bitcoin hasn’t produced anything. (Source).

So Should We All Quit Crypto Investing?

Which brings me to another question. Are we all speculators then? In my opinion not everyone gets the fundamental value behind the likes of Bitcoin. The very thought that a piece of code could potentially be replacing banks etc. could be really unsettling for some to consume. But hey, each one to their own. So let’s talk about the fact why I chose to invest in this ‘Speculative Asset’

Are you Married?

A rather weird question in the middle of finance right? Crypto investing has never been a mere speculation for me. I have always tried my best to evaluate the underlying technology, use-case and the vision before investing in a project. However, for those who still consider it as a speculation, think of your marriage. At this point, if you had love marriage, this might not be applicable to you as much. (Although managing two families after marriage is another mammoth to tame, in itself)

But please note: 90% of the weddings in India are arrange marriages (Source). And isn’t that the biggest speculation of your life? Come on! You only stand a chance to lose some money while investing in cryptocurrency. You could always earn more. But in marriage? It’s a make or break situation. Your entire adulthood and old age are dependent on taking this one decision right.

How much do you typically research before jumping into this decision eh? Even if you have most liberal of families, it could be a maximum of 6-12 months. Do you think when the other person is on the best of their behavior, this time slot is enough to gauge the underlying asset (person)?

Similarities Between My Marriage and Crypto Investments:

Okay, this might be because I eat, drink, shit crypto each day. But I genuinely think there are some similarities between my arrange marriage and crypto. Sounds crazy? May be it is. Here we go.

A. Calculated Trust:

Me and my very beautiful spouse had a short courtship period of just 4 months. Let’s understand what all parameters were there for me to evaluate in that period. My wife’s interests (to some extent), her articulation and sense of humor, family and friends and of course the overall personality.

Basis this limited information, I decided to take a punt. So far this decision has paid off really well. I have grown so much as a person because of her and I hope she feels the same way.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t different. Rather I would say they are much safer. The entire project is available on public domain and run by technology alone. The only blindsight I have is if the project could be hacked or compromised with in some way. Coders may be able to take a smarter guess on that too. However, even with that risk, I am getting a much higher return.

So just like a typical wedding, risk to reward ratio is quite high.

B. Openness:

Getting married is a lot about being open with your partner and sharing your deepest vulnerabilities. That’s when you truly embrace each other. Crypto investing is already based on distributed public trust. One could not have been more ‘OPEN‘ about the project you are getting into.

If you are betting on your partner as you have no secrets, same goes for blockchain projects.

C. Evolution:

This used to be one of my key asks when I was about to get married. Life is an uphill road. If you are not going up, you are definitely coming down. There’s no way you can stop. And just like your marriage opens up the portal to be the whole new world of challenges and learnings, so does crypto.

The best way to learn about something is to have some skin in the game. Once you get into crypto rabbit hole there is no coming back. For first few days, you would be suffering from information overload and a few days later, all you’d be left with is the urge to explore more.


Just like the good old saying, “Shaadi ka laddu hai, Jo khaye vo pachtaye, Jo na khaye vo bhi” (Married people are as perturbed as single people), crypto revolution is happening. Either you like it or not, get it or not, world is changing. Faster than ever.

What do you think? Am I really suffering from “Obsessive Crypto Disorder” or does all this make sense?

*Off to trading crypto on CoinDCX*

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Until next time..

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34 responses to “Cryptos and Marriage: Why You Should Invest in Cryptocurrencies”

  1. Haha, I liked how you related crypto investment to marriage(really!).
    There’s a risk in every investment but new kinds always suffer distrust and the same is happening with crypto. I’m sure it will gain momentum, just wait and watch.

  2. Arranged marriage versus Crypto currency! Then my marriage was null and void 🙂 There was no crypto then. I was married of at 19 and my husband departed when I was 40. What a really bad investment my parents made. Isn’t it? Anyway I leave this investing to u young people as I cannot decipher it at all.

  3. Marriage and crypto currency what a unique thought. When I got married then crypto wasn’t there. Anyway it’s true that in every investment there remains a risk. I’ll share your post to my son so that he can invest in.

  4. Nice comparison between marriage and crypto currency 🙂
    Where in both we are not sure of
    If it will be good for for us or not
    But yes one can take calculated risk.
    For me , I love exploring new things ( after calculated risk , of course 🙂
    So can now explore this crypto currency which is alien to me.

  5. Hey, I am not sure whether you are trying to make a case for Crypto here or marriage, but I am officially spooked by both :). Main concern for me in both cases – Crypto and Marriage is that the exit route is unclear and very expensive 🙂
    Seems like you are an old player in Crypto and a new player in marriage – haha…it was good read…looking forward to more…

  6. there is some risk in all investment. crypto seems more riskier as it is still new and not many know the details about it. in any case, due diligence should be done before taking the risk….be it in crypto investment or marriage 🙂

  7. A very interesting comparison. Some to think of it, everything involves a risk. But I am still not sure about crypto.

  8. Trust you to come up with the most amusing of analogies and comparisons. Investment of any kind involves risk no doubt. But crypto seems too volatile.

  9. Ha ha! I would never have thought that investing in crypto and finding a life partner could have such similarities. This was entertaining to read.

  10. I liked the way you compare crypto vs arrange marriage. There’s a risk in every investment and for crypto someone accept it someone doesn’t. No idea where it leads to us but it is good to gain some knowledge about it before stepping into the market.

  11. I think it all make sense if you really understand the concept of cryptocurrency and how to invest. I really like this idea of comparing this to marriage. Getting married is a big and life changing decision. No matter love or arrange.

  12. I just loved the relativity between Marriage and crypto and yes, cryto is in it,s initial struggle phase, I believe it is going to shine bright soon.

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  14. Hahha a fab comparison! To be honest, even love marriages are a gamble! The only difference is that the better is you and not your family members who would set up the arranged marriages!

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