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I Hate Reading: Unpopular Opinion

Ever since I was a child, I used to be overdramatic about everything. So when it came to consuming content, my favorite media was obviously sound and vision. Agreed that the notion of content has undergone a tectonic shift ever since, but reading was never my forte. I hate reading. As a child I could read really fast but with grasping very little of what I was sifting through. Not an ideal situation for an education system like ours that is based rote learning.

Initially, I would get scolded a lot because of this habit. My father would think that I don’t pay enough attention while reading. Although that was a part of the problem, but mostly it was because I was forced to read what I didn’t like. For example, I could easily read a book of Clifford- The Big Red Dog in a 45 minute library period. You might attribute this to the image heavy nature of that book but it was something. Enough to get me started.

Since books like those never took off (as per my parents/teachers they weren’t adding ‘enough‘ value), I ended up hating reading. So much that I passed all my school and college life from a summary of notes that I or a bright student of the class made.

But Why So Much Hate?

So, there are a multiple reasons behind developing this habit of not reading. Although I regret it every single day, but I just can’t help it. Here are some reasons that you may relate to if you are a non reader:

1. Poor Vocabulary:

Reading books requires a good vocabulary and good vocabulary is developed by reading books. This vicious cycle is all it takes to kill the fun of reading. I could’ve, should’ve, started with easy books at first. However, whenever I got motivational bursts inclined towards reading, I jumped on to the most complicated piece of text I could gather. Soon after, I would find myself switching between an Oxford A-Z pocket dictionary and the book.

What next? You find yourself in a loop of word meaning game rather than the actual text. This takes the fun away from the reading.

2. Short Attention Span

Even if I could force myself to read, it won’t last long. Most of the sessions would end within 15mins. I used to put this on my imaginative nature. If I read a line/paragraph and somehow like it, I would start imagining situations around it. Weird!

This very trait could’ve been phenomenal to inculcate the reading habit but I chose to use it in a counterintuitive sense.

This may look like a hyperbole at this point but I could read a same piece of text 6-7 times and still not understand a word of it in the end. That’s the ugly side of a wandering mind.

3. Focus on Volume than Value

This is pretty much a derivative of above consequences. Since I wasn’t enjoying the process of reading per se, I was more concerned about how much of the book was left. You see you can’t really gain much from reading when you are constantly counting the number of pages left in a particular chapter.

4. Dislike for Fiction

You become an average of top 5 people you spend most time with. (A) I am not surrounded by readers (B) even when I am, most of them are into fiction. For some reason I find it really hard to spend my time on something that isn’t adding any tangible value to my life.

I don’t watch cable TV. I don’t binge watch web series. Whenever I am on Netflix, YouTube, it is usually some educational documentary or video. Therefore, it won’t make much sense to consume fictional content on a media of non preference. As a result, I found it really hard to get into it.

What’s the Source of Learning then?

Life is an uphill road and you can’t be stationary. This means that if you aren’t climbing up, you’re definitely coming down instead. Self learning is extremely underrated. One needs to pump dem brain cells and continue to simulate them throughout the life.

You don’t grow old when you age, rather, it’s when you stop learning.

So if you are not into reading, that shouldn’t be an excuse to NOT learn. Here’s some ways I keep up with the trends to stay relevant:

1. YouTube

Prefer video content? YouTube is an ocean of knowledge. Of course there are tons of channels which can burn your time like there’s no tomorrow. But if you pick your influencers wisely, there’s insane learning opportunity on YouTube. There are Stanford courses for free for gods sake on this platform.

If you weren’t able to make the most of it now, you never hated a particular media of content consumption, you simply lacked intent.

2. Audio Books

Another great source of getting an exposure to the books. If you can’t read em, just listen to them. However, a word of caution here. If you plan to do it in tandem with some other task, it won’t be as effective. Therefore, it is suggested to listen to the books the way you would actually read one.

3. Learning Platforms

We are living in an era where EdTech is the fastest growing space in India. Pandemic has only accelerated it further. If you really wish to have a structure to your learning endeavors, there is nothing that can beat the online courses right now. Simply head over to Udemy, Coursera, Byjus etc. to get started. In fact I completed a 40 hours course on Salesforce recently from Udemy. What did it cost me? Nothing. Exactly, that’s the beauty of it!


Despite the rant post that I just wrote above, I agree that reading books does give you an upper edge over others. Therefore, I found a sweet spot of reading. Interested in knowing about it? Read here!

Are you an avid reader? Teach me master!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. It educates writers that they have to cater to people of various interests- Perhaps they should venture into audio books as well? Thanks.

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by. Glad you liked it. I think audio books are very important. Although they are slightly less effective in terms of getting out actionable from the content, they’re a very good start.

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