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SMS Organizer: Infusing Sense into Chaos!

SMS is passé. We all know that. However, there’s this one piece of information that they carry which is stopping us from doing away with them completely. Yup, you guessed it right. I am talking about our good old OTP. Never thought I would say this, but kids these days have it really easy. With a click of a button you can not only talk to someone but also see them at the same time. When I was in my teens, we had to send a text and wait for a few minutes to hear back. This was powered by a ₹59 SMS pack that gave us the freedom of sending these messages for free.

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Fast forward to today, WhatsApp has completely changed the game forever. With a subscriber base of nearly 40 million, nobody even looks at the SMS again. Apart from that WhatsApp has a very stringent promotional policy. You can’t just send marketing messages to anyone using WhatsApp. They don’t intend to become the SMS 2.0.

Coming back to the problem in hand. How do you cull out important SMS out of the endless promotional garbage. The struggle is real. I get about 25 SMS each day. And searching for my OTP or some important message was such a pain in the posterior. Until.. I found this wonderful app by Microsoft called SMS Organizer. A feature packed solution to your SMS problem.

Features of SMS Organizer

A quick word on the privacy concerns before we dive into the features. SMS organizer, by the virtue of it’s use cases, needs extensive access to read your SMS. Apart from that, SMS organizer would be able to read your bank balance (message from banks) etc. (Why? In short while). So, if you believe that Microsoft may not be able to keep your data safe, you may skip reading this. For others, here you go:

1. Message Segregation:

Pretty basic right? Even your native SMS app might be doing this as of now. However, SMS Organizer has taken this functionality up a notch.

Messages are divided into four key categories, namely: Personal, Transactions, Promotions, Starred. SMS organizer does a decent job in categorizing messages into these.

1.A Transactional Messages:

As the name suggests, all transactional messages are a part of this category. All messages from banks/apps sending you the OTPs are a part of this category. The best part of the application is that you don’t have to open this tab at all. Once you get an OTP, your notifications panel will ONLY show the 6 characters which are a part of OTP and no other text. There will be a quick ‘copy’ and ‘delete’ button along with it. So, if auto fill is not working (which is the case a lot of times), you can simply copy and paste OTP within seconds.

Screenshot of SMS Organizer Transactions tab

1.B Promotional Messages:

Probably the most unused tab. Why? Because these promotional messages suck! There’s no real offer, no body likes to go through the pain of redeeming them and yet some brands would be relying on them.

What SMS Organizer does here is magical. Whenever you open an application, it automatically fetches the messages in your inbox which are giving discount and shows them as a notification to you while you are at it. As shown in the image below, I would get a notification of SMS sent by Zomato, each time I open the application.

Screenshot of SMS Organizer Promotions tab

2. Tabs:

SMS Organizer also tries to make sense of multiple texts and help you gain meaningful insights out of them.

2.1 Reminder Tab:

For example, all your bills, EMIs, Insurance premium messages would be put in the ‘Reminder‘ tab. This tab will not only contain all your dues sorted in the ascending order of date but also, remind you with a notification at a fixed interval.

You can chose to press the pay button from the application itself and it has the capability of redirecting you to all the possible apps which can do so. Eg. PayTm for electricity bills, Airtel app for phone bill.

2.2 Finance Tab:

Finance tab keeps a track of your expenses, income and balance. It understands messages from different banks, credit cards and even wallets like Amazon Pay and Paytm. All these balances and spends are aseterixed and one has to authenticate using phone PIN to view them.

Upon tapping the message carrying balance, one can view the entire bank statement basis the SMS sent by your bank on a successful transaction. Pretty cool right? If you don’t know, you pay about Rs. 20-50 to your bank every quarter for enabling this service. It’s good that some app was able to use it efficiently.

Screenshot of SMS Organizer Finance tab

2.3 Offers Tab:

Offers tab saves all the messages offering you discounts and segregates it basis bills, food, travel, shopping, events, others category. This essentially means that next time you are ordering something, you can quickly open this tab and search for discounts if any. It would be your personalized coupondunia of sorts.

You can also find this segregation basis the application as well. You can directly press on avail offer button and the organizer will redirect you to the application with coupon code already copied to your clipboard. Sweet.

Screenshot of SMS Organizer offers tab

3. Backup and Restore:

I am not sure how relevant this feature is in today’s times. For me, it is absolutely fine if I lose all the text messages. However, it may not be as easy for others. In that case, you can backup all your text messages to your Google Drive. You can also setup an auto backup if you feel so.

Once you reinstall SMS organizer on a new device, simply pressing on restore message button, all your messages will be retrieved.

Screenshot of SMS Organizer back and restore option

4. Other Features:

Apart from the crazy features mentioned above, there are a few tricks that make your otherwise SMS journey, a little exciting.

  • One can swipe left and right for deleting or marking a particular text read/unread.
  • You can directly filter out unread messages from a switch on the top. Not only that, you can mark all messages as read in one go as well.
  • Of course there is a feature to block a particular contact from sending you SMS
  • If you care at all, there are multiple themes like midnight, sapphire etc.


I still can’t believe how SMS slipped away from mainstream and became that piece of technology which no one cares about any more. Applications like SMS organizer try to bring some attention to this lost cause. Who knows, if someone gets meaningful offers on text, served to them on a plate like this, one day, SMS might become a thing again.

What do you think about it?

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